Water Chillers

Mono-block refrigerators designed for water or glycolate cooling systems for cooling welders, inductors, packages, blisters, laser markers and tooling machines.

OMI Industrial Water Chillers converge precision, performance, and quality to provide optimal cooling solutions for a wide array of industrial applications. Our meticulously designed and expertly built process cooling chiller systems are engineered to meet the demands of diverse industries. This ensures stable working conditions while prioritizing the utmost quality and cleanliness of the process fluid.

We are dedicated to catering to the distinctive demands of diverse industries. This dedication extends to every facet of our product design, exemplified by the incorporation of high-quality stainless steel components that guarantee both durability and exceptional resistance to corrosion. In addition to our stainless steel components, our product line is characterized by its remarkable cooling capacity, with models offering cooling capacities ranging from 16.5 kW to an impressive 365 kW, ensuring that we meet the exacting requirements of your operations.

All of our industrial water chillers hold ISO certification which serves as a testament to our dedication to maintaining international standards in the design and manufacturing of our products. Our ISO-certified chillers stand as a beacon of excellence in the industry, delivering not only precision cooling but also the assurance of uncompromising quality.

Our Product Range

OMI presents a comprehensive range of water chillers that cater to various cooling capacities and operational needs. Our offerings comprise three distinct series: small, medium, and large, each tailored to specific requirements.

Our versatile offerings include portable chillers that can adapt to various environments, including injection molding setups. We understand the critical role of heat exchangers in the cooling process. Our precision-engineered heat exchange systems guarantee efficient thermal management. From petrochemical facilities to industrial manufacturing, our cutting-edge cooling systems are designed to excel across a broad spectrum of industries.

CHW Series
A selection of 9 models boasting cooling capacities extending up to an impressive 365 kW. Our CHW Series is the cornerstone of our cooling solutions. 

CHG Series
When low-temperature cooling is essential, our 16 low-temperature models step up with capacities reaching up to 126 kW. Ideal for challenging environments.

CHWL Series
With its specialized engineering and high cooling capacities, all 4 models ensure laser cutting equipment operates at peak performance and maintains optimal temperatures to achieve impeccable precision and reliability in industrial laser cutting applications.

Solutions as Unique as Your Needs

At OMI, we understand the diversity of industries and applications that rely on precision cooling. Our industrial cooling chillers are tailored to meet a plethora of needs, including:

  • Industrial Processes: From ozone, hydrogen, and nitrogen generation to direct process cooling, our chillers ensure optimal conditions for smooth operations.
  • Manufacturing: Many applications can benefit from the stability and reliability of our water chillers, including laser cutting, laser welding, PET and plastic extrusion, blowing, and paper or nylon rollers.
  • Research and Development: Laboratories can benefit from maintaining ideal conditions for experimentation and innovation.

Embracing Industry 4.0

Our commitment to innovation extends to embracing Industry 4.0 standards. Across all our models, the Modbus Protocol is available as an option, enabling seamless communication and integration with modern industrial systems.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance: We prioritize ease of use and maintenance to enhance your experience with our chillers.

Accessible Components: Maintenance becomes hassle-free with easily accessible components.

Long-Lasting Design: Our chillers house internal components built for longevity, ensuring sustained performance over time.

Remote Monitoring: Standardized remote alarm and ON-OFF functions across all models provide you with control at your fingertips.

Innovative Controllers: Equipped with alarms and signals for critical circuit components, our controllers provide operational and diagnostic insights. These features are accessible locally or remotely through the Modbus protocol.

Tailored Versatility

To meet the unique demands of your operations, we offer a wide range of options and accessories:

Enhanced Functionality: Internal bypass with pressure gauge, special pumps, and non-standard voltages are among the options to enhance your chiller's performance.

Adaptability: Low-temperature kits, tank heaters, water cooling, and more allow customization to fit your specific needs.

Commitment to Sustainability: OMI takes pride in being an environmentally conscious solution provider.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerants: Our smaller models (up to CHW 67) feature the Ecological Refrigerant Gas R513A as standard. Larger models offer this as an optional choice, minimizing environmental impact.

Efficiency-Focused Design: Internal components are thoughtfully selected to maximize performance and reduce specific electrical consumption.

Quality and Reliability Unveiled

Our water chillers are crafted with an unwavering focus on quality and reliability.

  • Optimized Components: We employ suitable and efficient compressors across all models, complemented by low-energy consumption fans and integrated circulation pumps.
  • Robust Construction: The durability of our chillers is supported by a robust frame. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations while maintaining a small footprint.

Cooling Your Way

OMI Industrial Water Chillers offer a versatile solution to meet your unique cooling demands. Cooling capacities range from 16.5 kW to an impressive 365 kW, and fluid outlet temperatures from 15°C to -10°C.

Experience OMI Excellence

Incorporate precision, reliability, and sustainability into your industrial operations with OMI Industrial Water Chillers. Explore our range of meticulously designed and thoughtfully engineered chillers to elevate your cooling experience. Whether it's ensuring the stability of your industrial processes or enhancing manufacturing precision, our water chillers stand ready to deliver optimal performance. Join us in embracing a new era of industrial cooling excellence.
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