Refrigeration Air Dryers

Optimize Your Compressed Air Quality with OMI Refrigerated Air Dryers


OMI specializes in delivering high-quality solutions to ensure your compressed air remains clean, dry, and efficient. We understand the critical importance of clean and dry compressed air in various industries and therefore we can deliver standard and custom air treatment solutions to match virtually any compressed air system. Our dryers offer several advantages and benefits that make them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.


Advantages & Benefits

Reliability: Our dryers feature proven electronic control systems that ensure dependable performance. With our patented FAN CONTROL technology, cooling capacity adjusts to the load conditions, enhancing overall reliability by optimizing the whole system’s wearability.

Cost-Effectiveness: OMI dryers are budget-friendly, with a great price-quality ratio and reduced compressed air losses if you choose the optional No Loss Drain. We've also upgraded our heat exchangers for better energy efficiency, resulting in lower power consumption, saving your money 1kW/h at a time.

Customization: We offer customization options not only through our ability to provide tailor-made systems but also by offering various paint choices, marine painting for corrosion resistance, customized voltages etc.

Improved Performance:
OMI Refrigerated Dryers cover a wide range of conditions, guaranteeing classes of dew points 3,4 & 5, with ever-improving performance, for example, reduction of the dimensional footprint, extension of single-phase models, and reduction of energy consumption. 

Easy Maintenance: Maintenance is simplified with easily removable frames and optional remote alarm systems. The high availability of spare components further contributes to making your experience with OMI products seamless and pleasant.

Connectivity: Our dryers come with optional Modbus RS485 interfaces for remote control and management, enabling Industry 4.0 integration, and making your systems ready for future technological developments.


Applications for the Products

OMI Refrigerated air dryers find application in a wide range of industries and processes. Here are some key sectors where our products excel:

●    Food & Beverage: In food and beverage production, maintaining air quality is essential to prevent contamination. OMI dryers guarantee food safety and product quality.
●    Metal Industry: OMI dryers are indispensable in metalworking processes, where air quality directly impacts the quality of finished products.
●    Industrial Manufacturing: Whether it's automotive manufacturing, oil and gas, or any other industrial application, OMI dryers play a crucial role in ensuring consistent and reliable compressed air quality.

Our products are applicable in every industry where clean, dry compressed air is needed. Contact us to check how we can help you improve your operations' efficiency.

Why Choose OMI as Your Partner

When selecting a partner for your compressed air treatment needs, OMI stands out for several compelling reasons:

Proven Track Record
OMI has a rich history of providing high-quality compressed air solutions, earning the trust of numerous industries worldwide.

Customer and partner support
We're dedicated to making our partners successful. That's why we provide support on every stage of the purchase process - from equipment choice and sizing, to successful commissioning and post-purchase service support. 

We continuously invest in research and development to bring cutting-edge technologies to our products, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of modern industries.

Energy Efficiency
OMI dryers are designed with energy-saving features, helping you reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Our dryers are known for their robustness and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in demanding industrial environments.

We offer customization options to tailor our products to your specific requirements, ensuring the best possible fit for your applications.

Environmental Responsibility
OMI is committed to environmental sustainability, using environmentally friendly refrigerants and reducing energy waste.

OMI Refrigerated air dryers are the trusted choice for industries that demand clean, dry, and reliable compressed air. With a wide range of products designed for various applications, OMI ensures energy efficiency, reliability, and optimal air quality. Choose OMI as your partner, and experience the benefits of superior compressed air treatment solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how OMI can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your operations.