New OMI website

The OMI official website includes many new features, plus a brand new modern and appealing graphic layout, which allow all our visitors and customers a simple and efficient navigation.

New menu bar


Considering the wide range of products we offer to our customers, we have introduced a bar menu, directly below the standard menu layout, fully dynamic and innovative representative:

  • All our products according to type and cataloging, and suitably described, so as to allow a quick search of each individual through a menu tree easy and intuitive.
  • New category dedicated to the service request with the appropriate form, such as requiring on-site technical assistance or contact the technical department, complete with all necessary information to allow a higher speed of the service offered or to simply answer your questions.

Datasheets and brochures


In order to allow maximum approach with prospective clients, we offer under the "Downloads" category in the standard menu, the latest brochure on our products and also the detailed technical specifications so that we can meet your requirements quickly and satisfactorily.