ESD - Energy saving compressed air dryers

The DRYER that cuts operation cost up to 90%


Reliability and Simplicity through Experience

Utilizing extensive dryer design experience, the OMI ESD dryer includes features like microprocessor control and an optional electronic no-loss drain that increase reliability and saving. Features such as dryer self-regulation and plug-and-play installation make start-up convenient.


How does it work:

When operating at partial loads, the dryer can exploit the energy previously stored in the glycol circuit to shut down the compressor and substantially save energy and costs.

A patented 3-layers (air / glycol / freon) heat exchanger allows the dryer to exploit the full power of the refrigerant system, maximizing in this way the efficiency; the energy surplus is stored by the glycol, so at partial load the microprocessor can switch off the refrigerant system for significant periods of time, while the glycol circulation system (always running) ensures a constant dew point.

Under standard load condition the refrigerant circuit is turned on 100% of the time, while if there is no load is about 5% only and this allow a reduction in operating costs guaranteed up to a maximum of 90%.

Dryer Payback in less than 3 years


Energy Saving vs. Direct Expansion Dryer return of investment in less than 6 months of operation.