Compressed Air Treatment

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In the highly competitive world of industry, the importance of first-rate compressed air systems is clear. The quality and safety of compressed air are crucial, impacting the lifespan of the compressed air system and other machinery connected to it, the standard of end products, and the safety of the work environment. At OMI, we lead the way in transforming the process of treating compressed air, establishing ourselves as a reliable leader in the field. Discover our product range below and learn more about what makes OMI the go-to expert for so many market-leading companies.

Discover Our Compressed Air Treatment Products

A Wide Range of Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

Our unwavering commitment to progress, focus on quality, and drive for superior performance have anchored our status as a top choice in the market. OMI's equipment covers all key aspects of compressed air treatment, from compressors to water separators, air filters, and oil aerosols. We are experts in oil-free solutions, carefully removing both water vapor and oil to guarantee the highest purity of compressed air.

Our state-of-the-art compressed air dryers effectively remove moisture, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the pristine quality of your compressed air. OMI's treatment systems are designed to remove water at its source, ensuring a safe, reliable, and efficient compressed air supply.

Our advanced air dryers are designed to effectively eliminate moisture, playing a crucial role in maintaining the high quality of your compressed air. OMI's systems are engineered to remove water at its source, ensuring a safe, dependable, and efficient compressed air supply.

A Wide Range of Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

Air dryers play a vital role in compressed air systems. They are designed to remove moisture from the air, preventing water from interfering with the operation of pneumatic systems, causing corrosion, or contaminating products. Moisture in compressed air can lead to a host of problems, from damaged equipment to compromised product quality. That's where air dryers come in.

Refrigerated Air Dryers: Cool, Consistent Air Quality 

Refrigerated air dryers are a common type of air dryer used in many compressed air systems. These dryers cool the air to lower temperatures, usually just above freezing point, which causes the moisture in the air to condense into water droplets. This condensed moisture is then collected and drained away, leaving the air dry. The dry air is then reheated to room temperature before it re-enters the compressed air system, preventing any condensation from occurring downstream. 

The process of cooling and reheating the air ensures that the air is dry and can be safely used for a variety of applications without causing damage to equipment or compromising product quality.

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OMI’s Efficient Refrigerated Air Dryers 

Experience the reliability of OMI refrigerated air dryers, the go-to choice for keeping your compressed air dry and efficient. Our dryers not only save on energy costs with advanced heat exchangers but also offer customizable options to fit your specific needs. Dive into the world of OMI and discover how our refrigerated air dryers can transform your operations with consistent performance and cost savings. 

Adsorption Air Dryers: Precision Drying for Critical Applications 

Adsorption air dryers push compressed air through a tower filled with desiccant material, such as activated alumina or silica gel, which removes moisture from the air. These dryers excel in applications that require air with very low moisture content, and they come in various configurations, including heatless and heated models to suit different operational needs. 


OMI's High-Performance Adsorption Dryers 

OMI's adsorption dryers stand as a testament to precision drying technology, ideal for industries where even trace moisture can be detrimental. Our heatless and heated adsorption dryers are engineered to meet the strictest air quality standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. With OMI dryers, you get the benefit of advanced moisture removal capability, along with the flexibility to select a system that aligns perfectly with your specific drying requirements. 

OMI Compressed Air Treatment: Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

At OMI, we take pride in our wide portfolio of standard and customized compressed air treatment products. Our strengths lie in our high flexibility, global footprint, and a relentless pursuit of improvement. Here is how OMI’s compressed air treatment solutions make a difference: 

Boost Equipment Life with Clean Air: Compressed air machinery and tools need clean, dry air to run at their best. OMI's air treatment products work to keep out dirt and moisture, cutting down on damage and rust. This care adds years to your equipment's life, saving a lot of money and hassle in the long run. 

Ensure High-Quality Products: For food, drinks, and medicine, pure air is a must. Our air treatment systems make sure that your products are top-notch, which makes your customers happy and loyal. 

Save Money with Efficient Air System: Keeping air clean means less fixing and waiting around, plus better system performance that uses less power. OMI's smart solutions mean real savings for your business. 

Stay Safe in Sensitive Spaces: Where there's a danger of fire from gases, having clean air is a life-saver. Our systems help cut down fire risks, giving you a safer place to work and peace of mind. 

Go Green and Stay Compliant: We're serious about taking care of the planet. Our products, like the oil/water separators, make sure your air is free from contaminants. With OMI, you can trust that your work meets tough environmental regulations, helping your business do its bit for a cleaner world and protecting your good name. 

Optimized Compressed Air Treatment for Diverse Industries 

Our versatile product range finds application across various industries, including but not limited to: 

  • Food & beverage
  • Laser cutting
  • General manufacturing
  • Metal industry
  • Automotive 

Whether you require air purity in food processing or durability in metalworking, OMI has a tailored solution to meet your unique needs. 

Why Choose OMI as Your Partner

OMI's cutting-edge compressed air treatment technologies can transform your industrial operations, ensuring efficiency, quality, and sustainability: 


Quality: With ISO9001 certification dating back to 2001 and PED since 2002, we prioritize quality assurance at every stage of product development and delivery. 

Performance: OMI's products are designed and manufactured with a focus on high efficiency, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and cost-effectively. 

Global Reach: Our presence in over 56 countries, supported by capillary distribution networks, ensures that OMI is a reliable partner no matter where your business operates. Thanks to close collaboration with a large number of channel partners, we can not only significantly reduce lead times & deliver the equipment you need where and when you need it. 

Local Support: OMI products are built entirely basing on genuine components, significantly boosting spare parts availability which, combined with a broad network of trusted distribution centers allows us to protect your operations’ progress in any scenario.

Sustainability: OMI's commitment to sustainability is embedded in our product design. We work on our portfolio not by following market trends but by anticipating them and making sure that our products can help your reach your environmental goals not only today but also tomorrow.  


Enhancing Industrial Success with OMI Compressed Air Treatment 

In today's industrial world, the quality and safety of compressed air are essential for success. OMI provides compressed air treatment solutions that help your business excel by making equipment last longer, ensuring the end products are of the highest quality, and reducing costs, all with a focus on safety and environmental responsibility. 

Choose OMI to improve your compressed air system quality, protect the life of your machinery, and ensure your products are exceptional. With OMI's advanced air treatment process, you can eliminate oil and moisture more effectively and bring added value to your operations. Work with us for precise, safe, and sustainable solutions in the dynamic arena of industry. 


Customized Compressed Air Treatment with OMI 

OMI's air treatment systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We understand that every industry has unique requirements, so we offer customization options to ensure that our systems fit perfectly with your needs. Whether you need a particular size, capacity, or special feature, we're ready to work with you to create an air treatment solution that does exactly what you need it to do. 

To get a system designed just for you, reach out to us with details about your air quality needs, the volume of air you need to treat, and any specific challenges you face. Our team will collaborate with you to design a system that matches your specifications. With OMI, you get an air treatment system that's built for your business, helping you work better and more efficiently. 


Understanding Compressed Air Treatment 

Compressed air treatment is the process of making sure that the compressed air used in industrial operations is clean, dry, and free from contaminants. If the air is dirty or wet, it can lead to issues like decreased compressed air system efficiency, rust build up, wear and tear on equipment, and even spoilage of end products. 

By treating compressed air with OMI, you can prevent these problems. Clean air helps ensure that all parts of the system operate smoothly, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending the life of your equipment. It also means that the end  products, especially in sensitive industries like food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, are of the highest quality and free from contamination. 

Treated air is also more efficient, leading to energy savings. Thanks to this, the compressed air systems don't have to work as hard to deliver the air power you need, so they use less electricity. This not only cuts down your energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint, making the whole operation more environmentally friendly. 

Investing in proper compressed air treatment is a smart move for any business that depends on compressed air systems in their operations. It's a step that pays off by ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency in the long run.