Efficient Refrigerated Air Dryers by OMI

Optimize Your Compressed Air Quality with OMI Refrigerated Air Dryers


OMI is a leader in providing top-tier solutions to keep the air in your compressed air systems clean and dry. We know how important it is to have high quality dry air - that is why we offer both standard and personalized air treatment systems to fit any type of compressed air setup. Our refrigerated air dryers bring a host of pluses and perks that make them a go-to for market-leading companies across numerous applications. 

What Are Refrigerated Air Dryers? 

A refrigerated air dryer is a device that cools down compressed air, which causes the moisture in the air to turn into water and get removed.  

First, the air that hasn't been treated yet enters the dryer. Immediately, it gets cooled off a bit by the already cool and dry air that's leaving the dryer. After that, the air goes through another cooling stage where it meets the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger.


At this stage, the air is chilled to about 3-4°C, with the water vapor in the air starting to condense. Water droplets are then removed from the air flow through a mechanical process. As the compressed air heads out of the dryer, it's heated up again by the incoming warm air in the heat exchanger. This step reduces the humidity and keeps any leftover moisture in the form of vapor.

OMI Refrigerated Air Dryers – Key Advantages 

Dependability: Our dryers come with tested electronic control setups that promise steady performance. Thanks to our unique FAN CONTROL technology, the cooling power changes with the load, boosting overall dependability by reducing wear and tear on the system.  

Cost Savings: OMI refrigerated dryers offer a solid balance between price and quality, with less loss of compressed air when you pick our optional No Loss Drain. We've improved our heat exchangers for greater energy savings, which means the end user pays less for power, saving money bit by bit.  

Tailor-Made Options: We make systems to fit your exact needs and also provide choices in paint colors, special coatings for rust protection, and customized electrical setups.  

Better Performance: OMI Refrigerated Dryers are designed for a variety of conditions, promising dew point classes of 3, 4 & 5. At the same time, they provide a variety of perks, such as cycling refrigerated technology, shrinking the size, expanding single-phase model options, and cutting down on energy use.  

Simple Upkeep: Maintenance will be a breeze with frames that come off easily and the option for alarm systems you can monitor from afar. The ready supply of spare parts makes your experience with OMI products smooth and enjoyable.  

Connectivity: Our dryers can be equipped with Modbus RS485 for remote management, readying your systems for future tech advancements and fitting into Industry 4.0. solutions.

OMI’s Selection of Refrigerated Air Dryers 

Choosing OMI for your compressed air treatment needs means you're picking a partner with a strong track record. We offer a comprehensive suite of six types of refrigerated air dryers, each series designed to meet various industrial air drying needs. 



The Dolomite Dryers Series (DD series) provides reliable air drying capabilities for flow rates up to 1300 m³/h with energy-efficient features and easy maintenance. They are a cost-effective solution for many industries, with added environmental benefits due to eco-friendly refrigerants.




For larger-scale operations, the Easy Dry Dryers (ED series) handle airflow up to 24,000 m³/h. They offer a balance of high capacity and energy savings, with a compact design that saves space. This series serves a wide array of applications, ensuring consistent air quality and dew point control. 




The Energy Saving Dryers (ESD series) are designed to adapt to fluctuating demand, offering significant savings on operating costs. Their unique heat exchanger system maintains efficiency across all loads, making them a smart choice for variable air usage. Furthermore, they also utilize environmentally-friendly refrigerant R513A. 




Heat-based applications are covered by the High Temperature Dryers (HTD series), which excel at processing air at higher inlet temperatures. These dryers combine multiple functions to reduce pressure drops and enhance performance, all while being mindful of energy use and environmental impact. 




The High Pressure Dryers (HPD series) specialize in high-pressure conditions up to 45 barg, providing a stable +3°C dew point. Their design is optimized for energy efficiency and safety, catering to industries with specific high-pressure drying requirements.  




However, it is the last series that sets OMI apart from our competitors. Our state-of-the-art Sub Freezing Dryer (SFD)  stands out as a unique technology in air drying. It's the only refrigerated air dryer that reaches -20°C pressure dew point while managing up to 1600 m³/h in airflow. This revolutionary tech blends low dew points of desiccant dryers with the high efficiency of refrigerated ones, a breakthrough in reducing both operational and energy costs. This makes our SFD dryers unique on the market. 


Refrigerated Air Dryers Applications 

Refrigerated air dryers are crucial in situations where it’s vital to reduce water content in compressed air. Due to their dependability and versatile use, they are key in many different industries and processes.  

High quality are dryers are not only necessary to improve the overall efficiency of any industrial compressed air system while also protecting it from corrosion and reducing wear and tear, but they also influence other aspects of the larger production process. 

In the food and beverage industry, they're crucial for keeping air pure to avoid ruining food and drinks. They're also vital in metalworking, where clean air affects the quality of the metal pieces made. And in industrial manufacturing, like car production or oil and gas extraction, these dryers are essential for reliable and clean compressed air. 

Why Choose OMI as Your Partner  

OMI comes with a wealth of experience in providing top-notch compressed air solutions. Industries worldwide trust us to keep their operations running at full capacity. We're committed to supporting our customers and partners.  

From the moment you start looking for the right air compressor, through the setup process, to long after your purchase, we're there to assist you. We believe in continuous improvement and pour resources into research and development to ensure our products lead the market. 

Our air dryers are engineered to be energy efficient, helping you save on costs and do your part for the environment. They are robust and dependable, designed to deliver consistent performance, even in the most demanding industrial environments. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, so we offer customization to ensure our products meet your specific requirements perfectly. 

Moreover, OMI is environmentally conscious, utilizing refrigerants that are less harmful to the planet and focusing on reducing energy waste. Our refrigerated air dryers are a trustworthy choice for any industry that values clean, dry, and reliable compressed air.  

With a wide range designed for different applications, OMI stands for energy efficiency, durability, and superior air quality.