Raising the standards





  • Zero drain
  • SC-12M SC-34M - Floating drain
  • SC-CHROM - Timed drain
Zero drain
It adopts solutions in the forefront of "intelligent" steam trap. Specifically designed to reduce to zero:
- the air consumption thanks to the capacitive control;
- the maintenance thanks to the Replacement kit;
- the space for the installation underneath the tank;
- the reliability troubles thanks to the adoption of solenoid valve.

Max pressure: 16 bar.
Standard voltage: 230V/1ph/50Hz
Connections: ½" BSP
Available on request with different voltages.
Model GAS Code NPT Code Compressor
- - - m³/h m³/h m³/h Download
ZERO 4 045.D040.G.01.1 045.D040.N.01.1 400 800 4000 Download
ZERO 8 045.D040.G.11.1 045.D040.N.11.1 800 1600 8000 Download
ZERO 12 045.D040.G.21.1 045.D040.N.21.1 1200 2400 12000 Download
ZERO 20 045.D040.G.31.1 045.D040.N.31.1 2000 4000 20000 Download
ZERO 4F 045.D040.G.41.1 045.D040.N.41.1 1000 2000 10000 Download
ZERO 12F 045.D040.G.51.1 045.D040.N.51.1 3000 6000 30000 Download
SC-12M SC-34M - Floating drain
This simple type of automatic drain is used to discharge the condensate from air tanks, filters, air dryers, etc. It is supplied with manual testing drain and connection nipple with compensation tube.
Max pressure: 16 bar.
Model Code Connections Datasheet
SC-12M 045.D120.G.M0.0 ½" Download
SC-12M NPT 045.D120.N.M0.0 ½" NPT Download
SC-34M 045.D340.G.M0.0 ¾" Download
SC-34M NPT 045.D340.N.M0.0 ¾" NPT Download
SC-12M-C* 045.D120.G.M0.0 ½" Download
SC-CHROM - Timed drain
Thanks to the use of a timer that controls interval and duration of operation, this drain is widely used in compressed air industry. It is supplied with stainless steel net filter and ball valve.
Available on request with different voltages.
Model Code Connections Max pressure Standard voltage Datasheet
- - BSP bar V/ph/Hz Download
SC-CHROM ⅜" with tap 045.D132.R.0.0 ⅜" 16 230/1/50 Download
SC-CHROM ⅜" without tap 045.D132.G.0.0 ⅜" 16 230/1/50 Download
SC-CHROM ½" with tap 045.D132.S.0.0 ½" 16 230/1/50 Download
SC-CHROM ⅛" 40 bar 045.D132.P.1.0 ⅛" 40 230/1/50 Download