Innovation and openness to the global market

- "Even in a period of full economic crisis, pursuing a constant Research & Development policy and offering cutting-edge products, characterized by the highest performance, OMI closed 2011 with the best performance in its history: turnover over 26 million euro and sales volumes increased by 10% on the previous year. Operating efficiency, productivity and sales growth in emerging markets are the basic factors of this result. "-


Based in Fogliano Redipuglia (GO), OMI Srl - Officine Meccaniche Industriali was founded in 1990 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and distributing products dedicated to the compressed air treatment and industrial refrigeration sectors with a precise corporate mission: to focus on quality and technological innovation. through a group of motivated and competent human resources, offer a customized turnkey product and have a strong propensity to distribute its products globally.



Growth and investments


Even in a period of full economic crisis, pursuing a constant Research & Development policy and offering cutting-edge products characterized by the highest performance, OMI closed 2011 with the best performance in its history, reaching a turnover of over 26 million. euro and with an increase in sales volumes, compared to the previous year, equal to 10%. This result, thanks to operational efficiency, productivity and sales growth in emerging markets, produced a pre-tax operating profit that grew by 45%, generating record cash flows. In a moment of great uncertainty like the one we are experiencing, the numbers indicate that the path taken by the company correctly interprets the needs of the market: for this reason OMI has decided to invest in the expansion of its production capacity by doubling the Slovenian plant of Logatec ( LJ), which will extend over a covered area of 4,500 m2 and where a new Research Center is underway with a Development and Test laboratory dedicated to Filtration and Separation of compressed air.

In the main Italian plant in Fogliano Redipuglia (GO), which covers a covered area of 6,000 m2, the company is concentrated in the expansion of the current Research and Development laboratory, which will be inaugurated in the second half of 2012 and which, first in Italy, will be able to carry out certified performance tests at full load capable of reproducing the most varied climatic and use conditions of the entire range produced and to carry out, internally, the product certifications required by the main national regulations and international, such as, for example, the CE, UL and CSA certifications. As for the product range, the company has further expanded its portfolio, introducing on the market new innovative solutions aimed at maximizing performance, saving energy and protecting the environment, including, in particular, the new series of energy-saving dryers. energy of the Esd series, with an exclusive very high efficiency exchanger, and the adsorption dryers with heat regeneration of the HB series, specifically designed to guarantee maximum performance and, at the same time, minimize operating costs.


Comprehensive range...


"Our company - says Giovanni Capellari, general manager of OMI - offers a complete range of products dedicated to the treatment of compressed air, capable of guaranteeing the highest levels of air quality in terms of contaminants, with the lowest pressure drop and, therefore, efficiency. Over the last few years, we have continuously expanded our offer, which ranges from products dedicated to micro-applications up to large and very large systems and turnkey airflows developed to customer specifications ". Choices suitable for a complex market ... “Today - specifies Capellari - the complexity of the market has increased and, with it, the problems related to safety have grown. As well as the need for companies to have product availability in ever shorter times.

We are ready to offer whatever is needed. The 'pillars' of our strategy are soon called: flexibility and quality. Quality is essential to distinguish us, focusing on the customer and offering high standards of performance for products and people. Flexibility, on the other hand, is necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing market in business models, which vary from company to company. In this scenario, we have the right size to be solid and flexible at the same time. We are an independent company, the 'flagship' of a multinational that competes with the well-known names in the sector and we have no intention of becoming a competitor of our customers, but continue to be their partner ".


... and the customer is at the center

What do you offer to customers? “For clients who want to do business in this way, we offer customized platforms with which they can develop their strategy and be competitive on the market. So if, on the one hand, we offer a wide range of 'stand alone' products from the catalog, for Oem customers we design and develop customized solutions using the most advanced technologies, such as to allow them to offer a more efficient and superior quality product. Our policy is to offer a customized product even in the absence of large investments or sales volumes, adapting our production model to the different types of market. And it is precisely by managing the most varied scenarios that OMI offers an immediate competitive advantage, guaranteeing extremely reduced production times, competitive prices, compliance with the most stringent regulatory and quality standards, maximum safety, very high reliability, high performance and significant energy savings ".

Founded over twenty years ago as a manufacturer of compressed air dryers, OMI has traveled its history in the world of compressed air treatment, and then diversified and expanded its skills in the industrial refrigeration sector without ever ceasing to grow. The last few years, however, have been the most dynamic for the company, which has 125 employees and distributes its products in over 60 countries around the world. "Our business strategies - concludes Capellari -, that is, creating an innovative, differentiated and engaging culture, growing through innovation, emerging markets and services and achieving operational excellence, are the measure of our success over time".