Discover our range of high-efficiency compressed air condensate drains that will help you achieve extend the lifetime of your compressed air system and avoid costly downtime.


In every compressed air treatment plant, there is condensate which must be discharged outside the system. Draining the moisture from compressed air systems ensures less downtime and damage due to rust and scale. OMI drains are designed for long life and require minimum maintenance. They are critical components in the quest for system efficiency and reliability. Drains can be found on an intercooler, after-cooler, filter, dryer, receiver, drip leg, or at the point of use. 

When a drain fails to discharge the condensate, the condensate can carry over into the system, causing a build-up of contaminants in dryers, receivers and filters. On multiple stage compressors, moisture carryover from the intercooler may allow liquid into the next stage, causing premature wear and a potentially catastrophic failure.  

Contaminants can enter a system at the compressor intake or be introduced into the airstream by the system itself. Lubricant, metal particles, rust, and pipe scale are all separated and filtered out, and drains have to operate correctly for the filters and separators to complete their task successfully. 


Why install an OMI condensate drain?

OMI drains can be applied in both oil-lubricated and oil-free compressor applications. OMI products carry globally recognized approvals, and each product is 100% tested before dispatch. OMI drains are robust and designed for long life industrial applications.


The OMI direct-acting valve construction with a large orifice has proven to be the most reliable option for condensate draining applications, avoiding potential blockages.


In addition, we apply stainless steel moving parts that offer an extended life guarantee and are less sensitive to aggressive particles found in the condensate.


OMI valves are constructed from robust brass or stainless steel, ensuring no damage occurs during transportation, installation, functional operation and subsequent maintenance throughout the drain’s working life.


Drains are also installed outdoors. IP65 (NEMA4) insulation protection is, therefore, a minimum requirement. High-grade coil insulation protects the copper wire from overheating, and top brand PCB components are applied to our electronic modules.


Servicing OMI drains is quick and easy. Their service- friendly design ensures short maintenance intervals.


Based on their high and low-temperature operation characteristics, FPM seals have been specifically selected and used in all OMI drains. In addition, FPM seals are chosen as this material has proved to be the best choice for compressed air condensate draining applications.