OMI is a company that has passed the milestone of 15 years of quality. In fact, since 2001 OMI has implemented an ISO9001 certified quality management system to guarantee its commitment to satisfying customer needs and to the continuous improvement of its products and processes.


F-GAS communication

We hereby inform you that, with the introduction of the new DPR146 / 2018 and the establishment at national level, of the new F-Gas database, concerning the sale and registration of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases, no hermetically sealed and hermetically sealed, requirements are introduced to be fulfilled also by: sellers, installers and operators.


New OMI website

The OMI official website includes many new features, plus a brand new modern and appealing graphic layout, which allow all our visitors and customers a simple and efficient navigation.


OMI expansion

- "Even in a period of full economic crisis, pursuing a constant Research & Development policy and offering cutting-edge products, characterized by the highest performance, OMI closed 2011 with the best performance in its history: turnover over 26 mil

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Omi News - UL

Since 2008, OMI has certified a dedicated range of Air Refrigeration Dryers to comply with the UL-CSA Standards for North American (US and Canada)


ED/ESD 1500-2250

New Refrigerated Air Dryers

1500 - 1800 - 2250


Omi News - ESD

Utilizing extensive dryer design experience, the OMI ESD dryer includes features like microprocessor control and an optional electronic no-loss drain that increase reliability and saving.

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AEO Certification

OMI is pleased to announce the achievement of the “Authorized Economic Operator” certification issued by Customs Agency.


European Reg. 517/2014

From 01/01/2015 the aforementioned regulation came into force, which effectively repeals and largely replaces the European regulation 842/2006.


Zero drain

Zero Loss drain are designed to efficiently discharge condensate generated by every type of compressed air systems like air compressors, dryers, tanks, filters and separators. The new drain has been developed thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field to be easily installed in all applications even under the most critical conditions in terms of port size, installation freedom ...