The dual-stage treatment of the Ecotron/Ecosep series uses both adsorbent filter and activated carbons which allows it to separate out oil-water emulsion coming from the compressor and the air treatment system. 


The condensate enters through the inlet connection (1), and is directed into a pre-chamber which reduces its pressure and noise, so that it can flow uniformly into the separator. Subsequently, the solid particles are retained by the demister filter (2), after which any compressed air is discharged through the upper part, through the odor-removing activated carbon (3). 

After this initial phase, the mixture of water and oil flows by gravity downwards through the first filter (4) which, thanks to its physical characteristics, captures the oil and condensation and is therefore free to flow into the second filtration stage where a bed of activated carbon (5) absorbs any residual traces of oil, before the water is discharged from the outlet connection.


In the Ecotron version, a patented electronic device (6) gradually indicates the efficiency level of the first filter (4), allowing easy diagnosis of the unit. When the filter (4) is saturated, the message ALARM is shown on the display* and a remote contact alerts the operator when the filters need to be replaced. 

*valid for all Ecotron models 

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The Ecosep series maintains the same filtration process as the Ecotron series, both in the single column and double column versions. Only the electronic controller is replaced by an easy and intuitive timestrip (7), which provides the User with the time to replace the filter kits. 


The new oil water separator ECOPLUS 20 is the right choice for compressor capacity up to 120 m3/h. for compressor capacity up to 120 m3/h. A compact solution that ensures a high degree of separation of oils from water at competitive costs. This model joins the ECOTRON series, as a pro version, which guarantees a lower oil concentration. 


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