Air Compressor Filters

Achieve optimal compressed air purity and reduce equipment wear and tear


OMI’s Air Compressor Filters Deliver Clean Compressed Air and 
Reduce Equipment Wear and Tear.

A compressed air filter is a workhorse for pneumatic equipment. It removes water, moisture, dirt, and other contaminants from the compressed air flowing into your machines.  


Combined with compressed air dryers, filters are a shield that stands between your system and potential clogs or damage. By clearing the air stream, filters help your equipment run smoothly and reduce the risk of downtime. Compressed air filtration is necessary in various industries that require compressed air, such food processing, industrial manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical and many other. Browse our product range to find the perfect filtration solution for your compressed air systems.  


The Lurking Threat - Why compressed air filters matter? 

The contamination of compressed air systems is caused by both internal system dynamics and external environmental factors. You need a compressed air filter you can rely on to keep the contamination threat at bay. OMI offers an extensive range of filters that remove contamination from your airstream and protect critical processes. 

The Dangers of Unfiltered Air 

If you don’t remove contaminants from your compressed air, both your equipment and processes will suffer. Contaminants such as moisture, dust, dirt, and oil can compromise the performance and longevity of your pneumatic system: 

  • Moisture leads to corrosion and damages sensitive components  

  • Particles clog valves, hoses, and other critical passages, blocking the flow of air and fluids 

  • Oil aerosols can coat surfaces, affecting performance and causing malfunctions 

These contaminants reduce system efficiency, increase energy consumption, and exacerbate the risk of breakdowns and maintenance issues. Compromised product quality may lead to costly recalls, and even regulatory violations. The bottom line is that poor-quality compressed air undermines a business’s reliability, productivity, and its financial performance. 

Don’t take that risk. Look into OMI’s range of industry-proven compressed air filters. 

Key Benefits of OMI’s Filters 

Exceptional Performance  

OMI’s advanced compressed air filters reduce contamination in your airstream to protect your critical processes and valuable equipment. Designed with care and rigorously tested, they provide years of reliable performance and high-quality air. 


Our customers can adjust their filter setup based on their specific needs thanks to a wide range of accessories. These include a differential pressure gauge, differential pressure indicator, automatic drain, connections, and wall supports. Their quick and easy installation ensures seamless integration with your compressed air system. 


We used die-cast aluminum and carbon steel to built our filters. High-quality materials combined with lower pressure mean less stress on the equipment, including the compressor and downstream components. This ensures durability and longevity of the filters every step of the way. 


Without effective filtration, products and processes that depend on compressed air are subject to increased scrap, poor quality and additional maintenance. OMI filters address these issues, helping to assure your compressed air system delivers clean, high-quality air throughout your facility. 


Filtration Grades 

Every compressed air system has unique filtration requirements. OMI’s filters are available in four different filtration grades to provide a range of filtration solutions for critical compressed air processes: 

  • QF: Pre-filters suitable for the removal of solid particles down to 1 micron including liquids, emulsions and oil particles. It is the ideal initial protection of a compressed air system to retain impurities. It is also suitable as a post-filter for adsorption dryers.  

  • PF-HF: Interception type filters suitable for solid and oil particles up to 0,01 micron - 0,01 mg/m³ (HF). By means of the impact, interception and coalescing principles, these filters make liquid particles collide. As a result, they become larger and drip to the bottom of the filter housing. 

  • CF: Intended for the removal of oil vapors and odors. Through the adsorption process, the activated carbon filter attracts all odors and vapors. What’s left after desoiling stays on the surface of the activated carbon grain molecules. 


Choosing the Right Air Filter 

You can’t choose just any filter for your compressed airstream, if you’re looking for high-quality compressed air. You have to look carefully at your application and analyze its requirements to fully understand what will be best for you. 

Different types of compressed air need different filters. For instance, you may need a particulate filter to remove dust and dirt from your air stream. In the case of water droplets or oil particles, a coalescing filter will be a better way to go. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice: 

Contaminant Type 

Learn what kinds of contaminants are common in your environment. Each contaminant group will be best addressed by a different filter. 

Filtration Efficiency 

Consider the filtration efficiency required for your application. Choose a filter with an efficiency grading that matches the particle size you need to eliminate. 

Flow Rate 

Determine the required volume of compressed air to meet your application demands. Select a filter that can handle the expected flow rate without causing excessive pressure drops 

Air Quality Requirements 

Consider the quality of compressed air needed for your process. Certain industries, like pharma or electronics, need extremely high air purity levels that only specialized filters can deliver. 


Ensure the filter is compatible with your existing system without requiring any major changes. 


Balance the upfront cost of the filter with its long-term benefits. Consider factors like energy savings, reduced maintenance, and increased equipment lifespan. 

A Compressed Air Filtration Partner You Can Lean On 

You can’t go wrong with a reputable supplier, like OMI. Opt for filters from a trustworthy partner with a proven track record in compressed air treatment projects. If you’re hesitating about picking the right filter for compressed air, just let us know. We can make sure you won’t regret your decision. 


A Solution That Pays Off 

OMI has highly skilled technicians who use the most advanced technologies to design the solutions we offer. We relied on their engineering talent to strike a balance between air quality, energy efficiency and the total cost of ownership. Our filters deliver clean and dry air that protects your compressed air system while reducing maintenance costs and ensuring product quality.